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Majlis Isha Atil Uloom (Regd) strives to promote and cultivate good behaviour, a moral life and respect and tolerance for fellow students and Muslims. It aims to ensure that students achieve the best in terms of their faith responsibilities and their role as active citizens in the community. The aim of the schools is to provide young, talented individuals who play a positive role in their communities and become examplary Pakistani citizens. The teachers have secure subject knowledge which ensures that students learn new skills and concepts proficiently. Lessons are well planned. Teaching is monitored via regular assessments. The brisk pace of lessons enable students to focus on learning. Teachers make good use of variety of resources to support learning and provide very good support for students' learning through positive feedback and good guidance during the lesson to move their learning on. There is a clear frame work to record and track students' progress against Secondary school level and Advance Islamic study level.

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