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Boarding Provision

Most of the institutions of Majlis Isha Atil Uloom (Regd) provide boarding facility. The quality of boarding is kept good. The management structure of the school effectively contribute to the protection and promotion of boarding students' welfare. Despite of limited resources, boarders are provided with a good health and enjoyable diet which contributes towards their health and physical well-being. There is a range of staff readily available to provide support and guidance to boarders of all times. The living accommodations are poor in parts regarding the decor, furnishings and state of repair. Majlis charges no single penny in any head from its students i.e. utility bills, education, medication, diet of boarders and books. From education to living, everything is free for students, staff and teachers. To help its boarding facilities to an appropriate level, Majlis launches refurbishment programs where necessary. The security level is never compromised. Borders are treated with fairness, understanding, respect and dignity by staff. The organization and management of the boarding houses create a safe, non - discriminatory and extremely helpful environment for boarders to live in.

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