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Mission and Vision Statement of Majlis Isha Atil Uloom (Regd)

The (Divine) Knowledge Leads to ALLAH (SWT) (Hadith)

In the present age Darul Ulooms (The Religious Institutions)can rightly be said to be the seat and source of religion. In their establishment lies the establishment of religion and their moral and monetary support is the true service of Islam. To this noble cause,Majlis Isha Atil Uloom was founded in 1969.It focused mainly on the impassable, arduous Northern Areas of Pakistan. In 1969,late Hazrat Shaikh Wajeehuddin met a student in a Darul Uloom of Lahore from these mountainous areas. Meeting him few times prompted Hazrat Shaikh to establish a standard religious cum contemporary institute amidst the lofty peaks which remained untouched for centuries. A darul uloom was established in the valley of Astore in the foot of Nanga Mountains, at a height of 7500 feet. Running a darul uloom in these areas imposes greater efforts on the personals of the Majlis -e-Shoora towards meeting a much higher cost in the purchase of food grains and other daily usage things because almost everything is brought from the plains by truck caravans, through the KKH highway, and hence the expenses per student are almost double than what they are per student in the religious institutions in other provinces. With the sources limited and the cost of living so high, it's a matter of great regret for Majlis-e- Shoora to be unable to accommodate all the admission seeking students. . As a consequence of great appreciation of Dar-ul-Uloom Astore by the locals, Majlis extended its services to the other regions of the area. It included establishment of religious schools in Loace, Gorikot, Dirla Bala and Gilgit. Today Majlis is running educational as well as welfare institutions 5 in Gilgit Baltistan and 2 in Punjab. With the Grace of Allah S.W.T, Majlis is flourishing every moment and its area of services is extending in order to establish quality educational institutions for both genders. 

How Majlis Isha Atil Uloom Meets its Expenses

The expenditure to run MIU is growing day by day with the increasing number of students as well as with the up gradation of educational and welfare programs. Majlis has no permanent resources of income and meets its expenditures/ requirements with the donations, zakah and sadaqah of the generous people. Every penny is spent with great care. According to a Hadith "The world is a place to sow for Hereafter." According to this Hadith, one has to prepare in this world for the eternal life after death. Pooling ones' resources and abilities towards the organization and establishment of any religious scheme such as mosque can metaphorically be described as raising an ever - increasing harvest or being a sharer towards a business of lasting grains. Let this courteously be said that Majlis Isha Atil Uloom (Regd.) because of its noble activities/ services is one of the most deserved organizations of Pakistan. Any act of assistance or co-operation towards it, is doubtless, an act of great good and virtue.

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